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                   Grounds Management by Easy Lawn Care LLC
                        Maintenance Division of ELC Landscaping Group, Inc


Our Grounds Maintenance Division will work with you to provide a lawn you will be proud of.

Give us a call and we will come analyze your lawn for free.  Let us help you grow the best looking yard in the neighborhood.

Easy Lawn Care will enhance the look of your lawn.  We will cut your grass, fertilize your lawn, aerate and over-seed.  With this combination of services, you will have not only a good looking lawn but a healthy Lawn.


Our Services Include

  *   Weekly Lawn Service

  *   Fertilization / Pesticide

  *   Organic Services

  *   Spring & Fall Property Clean-Up

  *   Topsoil / Mulch / Decorative Stone

  *   Bed Weeding

  *   Lawn Renovation

  *   Tree & Shrub Pruning and Removal

  *   Tick and Flea Programs

Easy Lawn Care LLC
PO Box 384
Ironia, NJ  07845
973-252-8801 P
973-252-9441 F

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